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Every Student A Success Story   

MIS Vision & Mission

We are committed to give every student the best learning experience to achieve academic excellence and to inspire them to become global leaders In their chosen field.

Every student, a success story.

International Education 
Melaka International School provides students with a firm all-round interactive curriculum, global in its approach to people, knowledge, culture, values, and skills.

Cultural Integrity
Melaka International School encourages a cultural mix that values unity in diversity among all the members of the community

Global Citizenship
Melaka International School believes that to live in a competitive world, it requires the students to possess a diverse cultural perspective. The School strives to instil this perspective so that students will have a sense of responsibility for local, national, and world communities and grow up as global citizens.

1. To produce people with faith, good character, knowledgeable and with integrity.
2. To prepare human resources for the need and advancement of the nations represented here.
3. To promote the need of English as an international language.
4. To instil management and leadership skills in students.
5. To instil moral values in students and to inculcate a caring society.

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